The state of being
strikingly different
from something else.

We are a Melbourne-based Property Styling company specialising in creating spaces that align style with an understanding of each property’s primary target market. Having created strong relationships with Melbourne’s leading real estate agents, our design services are focused on ensuring that each property is presented in its most attractive fashion for sale.

We understand,
collaborate, and

We understand that purchasing a home is an emotional experience. A well presented home is more likely to create an inviting atmosphere and inspire potential buyers to visualize how their lifestyle will be benefited when buying.

We collaborate with Melbourne’s leading furniture suppliers in order to style homes with the latest Scandinavian furnishings. Our extensive range of on trend furniture allows us to curate the ideal aesthetic for each home — ensuring it stands out from the crowd when selling.

Our team of qualified interior designers and highly experienced property stylists all have a professional understanding of the real estate market. This understanding is imperative in creating a welcoming and impactful experience for the demographic of your buyer.

We evaluate the interior architecture of each home, carefully assessing the spatial parameters and finishes in order to coordinate a concept that enhances the visual aesthetic of the property.

Köntrast is headed by interior design specialist, Donna D’Paul, who has a wealth of industry experience ranging from residential to commercial design. She and her team of impassioned designers and property stylists work directly with vendors and/or their chosen real estate professionals, to achieve a seamless partnership and an outstanding result.