Elevating the visual
aesthetic of your home.

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Property styling +

When selling, you do so in competition. With that understanding, it is vital your property stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. We offer a variety of options that will transform the visual aesthetic inspiring, exciting and elevating the emotional connection that buyers will have with your property.

Partial styling +

Many of our clients have gorgeous furnishings to work with, however may not be able to complete nor achieve the overall aesthetic required to obtain a premium sale price. Our experienced property stylists will work with your existing decor and layer complementary pieces to add colour, texture and depth in order to gain the desired outcome.

Style to live +

Our qualified interior designers will create an environment for you that seamlessly combines beauty and functionality. We will assist you to design a coordinated and welcoming aesthetic to suit your home and lifestyle needs. Enjoying great relationships with Melbourne’s leading suppliers, we are able to source from a wide variety of furniture manufacturers to create a unique concept for your home.

Consultation +

In addition to styling, we offer a consultation service to assist you with elevating the visual aesthetic of your home. Within this session, we can answer any questions you may have around how to best present your property be that to live or sell. We can provide you with the tools and know-how to increase the functionality and comfort of your home